Monday, April 14, 2014


Everything is good here in South Africa! This week was pretty good. We had a strength building activity and I learned more about myself. The biggest part of the week was on Saturday. So I have been away for just over a month. We did a stake activity with the youth were each missionary took a young man and showed him how missionary life is for the day. I was nervous but I stepped up and took charge. I talked to a lot of people and taught some powerful lessons with this young man. This activity was to help the youth but I think it helped me more. I was lacking confidence in my abilities as a missionary. This activity built my confidence. I'm so happy to be a missionary. I'm happy to be out here serving the Lord. The church is true. My testimony and relationship with the Lord is growing a lot. I promise as you hold strong to the iron rod you will be so much happier in your life. The Lord wants to poor out blessings upon us. When we do what he has asked of us he will help us. I'm grateful for this gospel in my life. Sorry this week is kind of short but it has a big message to me. Have courage. Stand alone or stand out. It will be okay when the Lord is on your side.

Love, Elder Hepworth
-All the way from South Africa

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