Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Well it's coming down to four months now and I can't believe it. This week Elder Worton is going home and I remember when I was in the MTC and he came to visit me. This week was pretty slow. My companion was sick for most of it. I guess there is a virus going around it some water where you get a bad headache and throw up. I just hope I don't get it. We still got a little bit of missionary work done though. We had some interviews for baptism this week and planned on a baptism this Sunday but it didn't work out so they will be baptized on the 8th of November. We have the coolest members here. The members we ate dinner with yesterday were awesome. Their son owns a few snakes and he brought them out to show us. I told him to keep them on the other side of the table away from me ha. They told me I need to get a picture with one before I go and I know it would freak out my mom so I think I'm going too. This week as my companion and I were sitting around we started talking about mission and life. This is where my thought for today comes from. Don't worry... Be happy. We were talking about how I'm getting close to home and how I don't feel ready. Then we realized that we didn't feel ready for mission or most things in our lives but life carried on and all was okay. We tend to worry a lot but most of the time there is nothing to worry about. I know our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and not worry much. When we follow the path Jesus Christ set there is nothing to worry about. Have a great week everybody.

Elder Hepworth

Monday, October 19, 2015


This week was awesome. It started off kind of bad but turned out amazing. On Monday we went to our appointment and had forgotten our phone to call the person so we couldn't get in the big gate and it was a bummer. Then on Tuesday we did service at a home for special people. We feed the little kids and it is a cool experience to be around so many humble and perfect spirits. Then there wasn't much the rest of the day. On Wednesday we got a knock on our window at 6:30 by the zone leaders saying that President wanting to come teaching with us. So we scheduled an appointment and President and sister Dunn went teaching with us and it was super spiritual. Then that set up the rest of our week. We decided to go check a referral and as we were talking to him a lady said hey Elders. So I went and talked to her and it was a member. She had been praying for missionaries the night before and it just happens that we met her on her way to work. We are going to visit her this week. It was a cool experience. On Thursday we had a birthday party with some members and I think we had more fun that them. Then later we found out if was another members birthday so we got a lot of cake ha. This weekend we watched general conference and it was really good. Personally I think the theme was faith, hope, charity, and love. I like how the spirit guides them on what they should talk about before and then we get to see it all come together. I don't remember who it was but they had the wheels spinning in my head. I was thinking about what it meant to be cool. Growing up and in school usually the ones who are cool are the ones who are unique in a certain way. Like really good athletes for example. These days the world is such a way that everyone can be sinners. It is more unique to be a follower of Christ as we are. We are cool. You are cool and don't forget that. Have an awesome week.

Elder Hepworth

Birthday party with the Mahara family.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Unfortunately I still don't have any pictures but I will take some this week. I have had a better week because I'm starting to get used to town. Last Monday we had an awesome family home evening. Then on Tuesday we had to go to the mission home for scheduled interviews with President. If you remember I had those a few weeks ago but because of the change and zone change I went in again. It was funny because President keeps track of how old we are on mission and we have interviews every three months so he said you are 21 months now. I was like ha no ways I'm still 19 you saw me two weeks ago President. He was like oh yeah haha. On the way to interviews we got stuck in heavy traffic which I don't really like. When we were sitting there I was looking out the window and then my companion starts freaking out and the car in front of us hits us. I don't now what he was doing but he rolled back like ten feet and made a nice tent in the front. I couldn't believe what had just happened ha. One senior couple told me if you can drive here you can drive anywhere. The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday everything cancelled on us. We even have cancellations for Rugby games. Cancellations can really get on my nerves. God is more important right? We were supposed to have a baptismal interview on Tuesday but something went wrong with the family and we weren't able to see them the whole week. We think that they got kicked out of the house that they were renting. Life can get tough. I just hope that we can work out there baptism still and they get things fixed. The rest of the week was pretty good. Members feed us good here. We had Roman's pizza for one visit which is like Pizza Hut and a Braii (BBQ) for another. Then our Sunday dinner we had spaghetti and salad with cake for dessert. Once I figure out how to work town well and get comfortable I will be loving this place. We have some pretty cool investigators that we are working with. Each come with there own challenges though. It is fun being here. I'm looking forward to seeing conference this weekend. I hear there was some good stuff. Well my time is up so have a great week everyone and don't forget what is really important.

Elder Hepworth

Monday, October 5, 2015


Well it is interesting being in town and this place is very town. This place is part of Bedfordview but the area is called Orange Grove. I feel so out of place because it isn't just black people anymore. There are black, white, and Indians in our ward. I was so nervous and looked like a greeny baring my testimony yesterday. I will get comfortable soon. I kind of feel homesick for my last area and my last district but it's good to be here. My new companion is Elder Ainslie from England. He has been out for 11 months now. He  is a cool guy. I don't know how to work in town so he is teaching me the ropes. This week was pretty good. We don't teach as many lessons as missionaries teach in township but it is still a good amount. There isn't much to talk about this week because it has been a week full of trying to get used to things here. I'm finding it weird how hard it is to adjust to the change. When you talk about something or are taught something it can be a lot easier said than done. Well I hope everyone has a great week. Don't forget to enjoy life.

Elder Hepworth