Monday, October 12, 2015


Unfortunately I still don't have any pictures but I will take some this week. I have had a better week because I'm starting to get used to town. Last Monday we had an awesome family home evening. Then on Tuesday we had to go to the mission home for scheduled interviews with President. If you remember I had those a few weeks ago but because of the change and zone change I went in again. It was funny because President keeps track of how old we are on mission and we have interviews every three months so he said you are 21 months now. I was like ha no ways I'm still 19 you saw me two weeks ago President. He was like oh yeah haha. On the way to interviews we got stuck in heavy traffic which I don't really like. When we were sitting there I was looking out the window and then my companion starts freaking out and the car in front of us hits us. I don't now what he was doing but he rolled back like ten feet and made a nice tent in the front. I couldn't believe what had just happened ha. One senior couple told me if you can drive here you can drive anywhere. The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday everything cancelled on us. We even have cancellations for Rugby games. Cancellations can really get on my nerves. God is more important right? We were supposed to have a baptismal interview on Tuesday but something went wrong with the family and we weren't able to see them the whole week. We think that they got kicked out of the house that they were renting. Life can get tough. I just hope that we can work out there baptism still and they get things fixed. The rest of the week was pretty good. Members feed us good here. We had Roman's pizza for one visit which is like Pizza Hut and a Braii (BBQ) for another. Then our Sunday dinner we had spaghetti and salad with cake for dessert. Once I figure out how to work town well and get comfortable I will be loving this place. We have some pretty cool investigators that we are working with. Each come with there own challenges though. It is fun being here. I'm looking forward to seeing conference this weekend. I hear there was some good stuff. Well my time is up so have a great week everyone and don't forget what is really important.

Elder Hepworth

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