Monday, October 19, 2015


This week was awesome. It started off kind of bad but turned out amazing. On Monday we went to our appointment and had forgotten our phone to call the person so we couldn't get in the big gate and it was a bummer. Then on Tuesday we did service at a home for special people. We feed the little kids and it is a cool experience to be around so many humble and perfect spirits. Then there wasn't much the rest of the day. On Wednesday we got a knock on our window at 6:30 by the zone leaders saying that President wanting to come teaching with us. So we scheduled an appointment and President and sister Dunn went teaching with us and it was super spiritual. Then that set up the rest of our week. We decided to go check a referral and as we were talking to him a lady said hey Elders. So I went and talked to her and it was a member. She had been praying for missionaries the night before and it just happens that we met her on her way to work. We are going to visit her this week. It was a cool experience. On Thursday we had a birthday party with some members and I think we had more fun that them. Then later we found out if was another members birthday so we got a lot of cake ha. This weekend we watched general conference and it was really good. Personally I think the theme was faith, hope, charity, and love. I like how the spirit guides them on what they should talk about before and then we get to see it all come together. I don't remember who it was but they had the wheels spinning in my head. I was thinking about what it meant to be cool. Growing up and in school usually the ones who are cool are the ones who are unique in a certain way. Like really good athletes for example. These days the world is such a way that everyone can be sinners. It is more unique to be a follower of Christ as we are. We are cool. You are cool and don't forget that. Have an awesome week.

Elder Hepworth

Birthday party with the Mahara family.

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