Friday, November 28, 2014


A special E-mail from Elder and Sister Heyen in Derick's area on Elder Hepworth's 20th birthday.

Just wanted to reassure you that Elder Hepworth had a nice Thanksgiving meal at the church with the rest of the missionaries.  We also made sure he had a happy birthday today. We sang to him and gave him a present with lots of chocolate.  One picture is of Elder Hepworth and his new companion is Elder Dzowa from Malawi.
Elder and Sister Heyen


Monday, November 24, 2014


So this week wasn't very exciting. The first three days were the same as usual but then my companion starting getting sick and we were in the flat the past 3 days. Sitting in the flat is the most boring thing ever. On Saturday though I went to another area and had one of those guys stay with him so that wasn't to bad. This week is transfers and I'm getting a new companion but I'm staying up here in Tzaneen. I'm pretty excited about it because I get to be up here with all the senior couples who spoil us through the holidays ha. I love this area too. It is so hot and doesn't feel like my birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas are coming up. I have a lot of driving to do. It is 5 hours drive down and 5 hours drive back up. I am wondering who my next companion is going to be. It isn't always fun to have a companion you like for just 6 weeks. Especially with the chance you will get one you don't like haha. Well everyone have a good Thanksgiving and eat lots of food. I pray for you all. Have a great week. Sorry this one is kind of short.

Elder Hepworth

Monday, November 17, 2014


So this week was pretty awesome. On Monday we went to this mini zoo thing but we got to go in and feed and play with the animals. There was monkeys, cats, tigers, lions and a few other animals. It was pretty sweet. Tuesday was pretty sad though. We found out that another one of our recent converts little brother died. That is the second one in this area. We went and supported the family. It seems like the gospel gets to people just in time. They aren't really sure what happened to him or the other one. Heavenly Father must have a special work for them to do. We did some more tracting this week and found some awesome people. We are still working hard despite the heat or rain. It has been raining pretty good for the past two days but I don't mind because it isn't hot ha. I was on exchanges with other missionaries in the district most of this week because my companion had to go and do many baptismal interviews which is sweet. Being the district leaders companion I get to go on exchanges a lot and I have been with everyone in the district so far.

On Saturday we had an adult special meeting for all the branches up here with one of the seventy and it was pretty cool. They talked about gospel culture and love in families and covered many issues. Hopefully it helps. On Sunday I gave a talk about love in families and told them to show their love for their families and one another. Then after everyone was saying I love you to each other and it was kind of funny. Mission is great. It isn't easy but it is worth it. Have a great week everyone. Be safe driving and stay warm. I hear there was snow and I'm missing that ha. Love you all.

Elder Hepworth

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It is already November. I can't believe it but it is here. Before I know it the year 2015 will be here. This week was great. It went kind of slow but it had much success. Our zone leader came up and went on an exchange with us and conducted a baptismal interview for two of our investigators. They are good to go and will be getting baptized this week. We have been finding many new people and teaching a ton. Missionary work seems pretty much the same just with minor differences everyday. I guess that is what makes it not so boring.

Yesterday we went to Kruger national park which is a big game park like yellowstone. It was sweet. We got to see many animals. We saw giraffes, elephants, lions, and many other animals. It was a lot of driving and sitting because we couldn't get out of the car but it was sweet. I can actually say that I have seen all of these cool animals up and close. 

I've learned a lot so far on mission. I'm super glad that I came out because most of the gospel knowledge I have I have learned on mission. I also becoming a much better person. I didn't realized how much of a blessing a mission is until recently. I wouldn't have regretted it if I didn't come. I'm glad the Lord has sent me to Africa. I definitely feel like I'm supposed to be here. Thank you for all the support and love. I pray for you all. Have a great week. 

Elder Hepworth