Monday, November 24, 2014


So this week wasn't very exciting. The first three days were the same as usual but then my companion starting getting sick and we were in the flat the past 3 days. Sitting in the flat is the most boring thing ever. On Saturday though I went to another area and had one of those guys stay with him so that wasn't to bad. This week is transfers and I'm getting a new companion but I'm staying up here in Tzaneen. I'm pretty excited about it because I get to be up here with all the senior couples who spoil us through the holidays ha. I love this area too. It is so hot and doesn't feel like my birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas are coming up. I have a lot of driving to do. It is 5 hours drive down and 5 hours drive back up. I am wondering who my next companion is going to be. It isn't always fun to have a companion you like for just 6 weeks. Especially with the chance you will get one you don't like haha. Well everyone have a good Thanksgiving and eat lots of food. I pray for you all. Have a great week. Sorry this one is kind of short.

Elder Hepworth

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