Monday, September 29, 2014


This week has been great. It went extremely fast. We had our two baptisms this week. They went really well. One of them was a mother of a missionary in  Cape Town and the other was a wife of a member. The husband got to baptize her which was cool. At church we had over 100 people show up and usually we only have about 80. We had a goal to get over 100 people there and we did it. A lot of them were less actives and 5 of them were investigators.
On Saturday we had an activity were the senior couples came and played a movie in the chapel and we invited everyone all week to come. We are doing this to try and bring back less actives and get members and investigators involved. We watched Legacy and I had never seen it before. I really liked it but I'm not sure if that is because it has been so long since I saw a movie ha. On Wednesday it was heritage day and everyone was supposed to dress up in beads and traditional stuff but we were the only ones who did. The people just took it as a day off and time to drink ha.
I'm really enjoying mission. This is the busiest I've been so far since I have been out and it is great. It is exhausting, stressful, and hot but I love it. Missionary work is great. The work must go forward.
Elder Hepworth

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