Monday, December 21, 2015


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!! I really can't believe that
Christmas is this week. December has just flown by. I'm happy to hear
that it has been snowing a lot back home because I miss that stuff but
I pray you will all be safe this holiday season. Out here there aren't
any Christmas trees, lights, or spirit. So maybe that is why I don't
realize Christmas is here. Out here the work is going good but it
always slows down during the holidays. Many people are going to visit
family members and go on vacations. Here Christmas time is also summer
break for the kids so we get a lot of see you in January haha. We did
have a cool experience this week and are finding more people to teach.
We have a family that we are teaching and some of them were struggling
to get to church. As we were teaching them I felt that I should invite
them to a tour of the chapel during the week. They accepted and we did
so. It was awesome to see there response and the man came on Sunday and enjoyed it. We also had a woman who came up to us and said that
she wants us to teach and baptize her daughter. I still love Christmas
on mission because it puts an emphasis on Christ like I've never
experienced before. I can now see that it isn't all about the gifts
but the gift that God gave us. I pray you will all find ways to put
Christ into your Christmas. I'm very grateful for all that God has
given us including his son. Enjoy the holidays and all the blessings
that God has given you and I'll do the same. Have a great week!

Elder Hepworth

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