Monday, January 18, 2016


Happy Monday everyone,

I don't know if it's only me but some things don't seem to be real until they happen. Like when I came here. Now I can't believe my mission is coming to an end. We just started my last transfer which will be 7 weeks. I have no more companions or areas. It's so weird. All mission we talk about going home and how great it will be but when it comes it gets a little strange. It's going to be a little weird readjusting but I did it once and I can do it again. I'm going to miss this place so much though. The people I have met and the places I have been. South Africa has made such an impact on me. I hope to come back one day. I'm enjoying the rest of what I have. This week we had some great success. The two kids that I baptized last week were confirmed and the church was packed. I'm glad I'm staying with my companion because I don't know a lot of them haha. The holidays are officially over and people are seeking God again. I love seeing God's hand in things. To meet someone and see that God has prepared them or how he moves his work forward while we are just his hands is so amazing. Look for God and you will find him I know it's true. I read a quote by Gordon B. Hinckley which said the course of our life is not determined by great, awesome decisions. Our direction is set by the little day to day choices we make which chart the track on which we run. Live one day at a day. Have a great week everyone and stay warm I hear it's pretty cold back home. 
Elder Hepworth

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