Monday, May 26, 2014


Another week bites the dust. Time is flying and I don't even remember what happened the past week. I had to go through my planner to remind myself. This week had some adventures as every week on mission does.

On Tuesday my companion was sick with a bad migraine so we were just going to stay home. The zone leaders came over to go on exchanges with the other two elders in our flat (apartment). The zone leaders decided to have Elder Booker, an elder from our flat, and I to go and work both areas. So we went out and had to cancel some appointments and we worked both areas at the same time. We got more lessons than we would have had if we had just stayed home. So it was a good day. 

Over the next couple of days we had our normal routines. We worked hard and had some good lessons. What is impressing me the most is being able to see our hard work paying off. Our Heavenly Father is watching us and blessing our area. We have met many prepared people. Our members are starting to work with us and give us referrals which is the best way. Our hard work is paying off. 

On Sunday we had to speak in church. Guess what I had to speak on? Yup! missionary work! We were asked to speak for 10 minutes each and I got up there and spoke for 17 minutes then I was handed a paper that said times up. Then my companion got up spoke for 13 minutes and was handed the same paper. We thought it was pretty funny that we both went over and were told to sit down haha. The other funny thing is that I was only half way through my talk. What I would like to share with you is that missionary work is for everyone. It is everyone's responsibility. I would like to ask my family and everyone else to help out the missionaries there. Feed them and prepare people for them because it means a lot to us missionaries. 

The church is true. We all know it. It brings us true happiness. What better way to show your Heavenly Father that you love it than by sharing it. There are many things that I've learned and want to change about myself on my mission and this is one of them. Missionary work!

Love you all, 

Elder Hepworth

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