Monday, June 2, 2014


I just want to start off my email this week by wishing my brother Brett and father a happy birthday this week. Also myself a three month mission birthday haha. I can't believe it is June already. Time has flown. At times it seems slow but I look back and it has went fast.

My mother asked me what changes I will make when I get home and my answer is everything relating to the gospel haha. I will read my scriptures and pray more. I will do my home teaching. I will do missionary work. I will stop being what they call a Sunday Mormon. The gospel is a lot more important than we think it is sometimes it is everything. We need it. We need to use it!
Our days were full and busy this week. We taught a lot and we put a lady on date. I haven't had a baptism yet but I will. Our area is progressing well. I'm  pretty excited about it. I'm done with training after this week which is sweet. I'm definitely getting the hang of mission. I'm so happy not to be a newby haha. 

This last week on Friday our zone had a temple trip. It was a great experience. Going to the temple and feeling the spirit so strong and knowing you are helping a soul in the after life by doing those ordinances is a great experience. I encourage everyone who is able to go the the temple to go! Whether you are endowed or you just do baptisms for the dead. The temple is where we all need to be and strive to be. 

Love you all!

Elder Hepworth

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