Monday, July 14, 2014


I got my first baptism which is exciting but that is the highlight of the week. Time is going pretty fast out here as we work hard. Our area is really taking off which is exciting but transfers are next week and I think I might be moving to a new area. I will know on Saturday. 

So the baptism was stressful and exhausting. She had to be baptized seven times. It wasn't her fault or the young man who baptized her. The problem was that her gown kept floating and everything must be under the water. It finally worked after seven times though ha. 

We had a nice dinner at there house after. Well it is nice here ha. W had chicken and this bread with nice gravy. We also had salad and potato salad (which is different here) and beat root. The rest of the day we walked a lot and taught a few lessons. In one of the lessons there was a mouse running around. I'm not scared of mice but I was scared it would run up my pant leg so I couldn't focus ha. 

The week was good. It is awesome to see the change in peoples lives the gospel brings. Share the gospel. (D&C 88:81 I hope thats right ha) Warnabrother! 

Love you all!

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