Monday, February 9, 2015


First bike in 11 months...

Hello everyone,

Another week gone. This week I hit my 11 month mark. One more month and it is halfway over which is crazy. This last Monday we had our zone activity and we went bowling. It was the first time I went bowling for a very long time. I did much better than I thought though. We had a powerful week as far as the people in our area. Lots came to church and we found a bunch of new people to teach. As far as lessons though we didn't get much. My companion was sick on Wednesday so we stayed home. It was a long day ha. The power went out at about 6 and was out until about past 8. I had an impression to pray and I had the thought that it would be funny if the power came on right as I closed. Then I kneeled down and prayed my heart out about a bunch of things and included the power. Then as soon as I ended the power came on. My companion looks at me and says thanks man you are a powerful missionary ha. We got bikes this week and it made the work go much faster until I broke mine. They were really old and the chain snapped. We will get new ones this week. I felt like a real missionary on a bike ha and a little goofy. This week I read the part in 3 Nephi where Jesus talks about tithing. The manual said there are those who say I can't afford to pay tithing and there are those who said I can't afford not to pay tithing. Tithing really is a blessing. Even though I don't pay tithing here I always make sure I pay fast offering. Well I hope everyone has a good week. Thank you for all the support.
Elder Hepworth
Zone activity...bowling
Delicious cupcakes...

Did pretty well in bowling

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