Monday, February 2, 2015

02/02/2015 BENONI ZONE


This week was pretty good. I heard that the super bowl was yesterday and I had no idea. Hope everyone had a good superbowl party ha. I'm still fighting a cold here. The reason for getting a cold in the summer is because it is so much cooler here. We are teaching a lot of families which is amazing because it can be difficult in Africa to do so. We also have a lot of investigators that come to church more than my last areas. We have at least 9 every week I've been here so far. We are meeting a lot of new people and it is awesome. I taught district meeting because the district leader asked me too. I taught on service and it went great. This February we are doing a 100% obedient to bring miracles and I'm really trying this. I also encourage all of you to do the same. They even announced it in sacrament meeting. Everything is going great. I'm loving it out here. I hope everyone is doing good at home. I pray for you all. Have a good week.
Elder Hepworth

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