Monday, January 26, 2015


So this week was pretty good. After email last Monday we went and played Rugby. It was a new experience and it wasn't like any other sport I had played. It was really fun though. On Monday I was feeling out of it all day but at 6 we go to the area to teach people. We go to this one old ladies house and read the book of Mormon with her. It was amazing how the book of Mormon comforted me and helped me by bringing the spirit. It is more than just a book. On Tuesday we went on exchanges and we walked all day. It was so exhausted and I got burned and wasn't in a good mood ha. It was a good learning experience though. I have been babied by my last vehicle ha. We drive every other day here and walk the other. Later in the week I got sick. I got a cold and everyday since then hasn't been the best. We stayed home on Friday to help me but I'm still sick even now. There is a family in our area that is from my first area. They moved here when I was in Limpopo. We ate dinner at there house on Sunday and it brought back a lot of memories. Sunday night we were invited to a ysa activity. It was about encouraging them to go on mission. One thing I learned this week as I read the book of Mormon was treat people how you wanted to be treated. It is the golden rule and it will benefit us in every aspect. Thank you all for your support. Have a good week.

Elder Hepworth

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