Monday, January 5, 2015

01/05/2015 Transfer from Lenyenye, Limpopo AKA "The Garden of Eden"

This week was good. It was my last week in Lenyenye, Limpopo, South Africa. I'm being transferred somewhere new this week. I will find out where and who I am with on Tuesday. I'm definitely going to miss this place. I have had a lot of good memories here. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone. This week was new years and I hope everyone had a safe good one. For us we had the day off and had a zone activity. It was pretty sweet. I can't believe it is the new year already. Anyone got any good new year resolutions? This is the year that I'm going to be on mission the whole year and I'm going to give it my all. It is great to be on mission. In fact it is great to be a member of the TRUE Church of Jesus Christ. Take some time to count your many blessings. I hope everyone has a good week.
Elder Hepworth

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