Monday, April 13, 2015

04-13-2015- FOUR BAPTISMS

4 BAPTISMS ON 04-10-2015
Alright so this week was pretty interesting. It started off by having a family home evening on Monday night but the guy didn't remember he signed his family up so we winged it. It was still good though. Then on Tuesday we took our branch mission leader to go with us and he wasn't his self at all. We decided to take him home and his attitude progressed through the whole week. He was acting very quiet and depressed. We were worried what we had done to him or what was wrong. Then on Saturday during correlation he told us he was pranking us and it made us very mad. It was the sickest prank ever. Then on Sunday they talked about forgiveness in church. Good thing we already forgave him. It messed up our week though because we needed him but didn't want to take him ha. We continued the week of witnessing this week. On Wednesday we put up a banner and handed out cards to watch the video. Then we were forced to take the banner down and people were just ripping, crumpling them, and throwing them on the ground. So it was a failure but we did find one powerful new investigator from it. She came to church yesterday. The main focus this week was from the 4 baptisms that we had yesterday. I got to perform two of them and it was awesome. I only had to do it once. I was pretty nervous because I didn't want to mess up their African names. Two of them were husband and wife and then an old man and old woman not related. It was such a good baptism. So many people attended and supported and everything went smooth. When they bore there testimonies the branch president got up and said it looks like the missionaries caught big fish haha. We will be having two more baptisms this next week. I had some revelation this week. I am almost done with the new testament but I remembered the verse in 1 cor. 10:13 that talks about God won't allow us to be tempted beyond what we can handle. My revelation was that it  is more like this.... We are in a battle and God will not allow the army we face to be stronger than us. The thing is God has given us armour to give us the strength he expects out of us. If we chose not to put the armour on then we will fall. That is what makes it seem like God allows us to be tempted more than we can handle. So make sure to put on your armour. Well have a good week everyone!

Families of those being baptized

This is the Dwengas. A husband and wife baptized. 

This is gogo Betty. She is awesome. Her family daughters and son in law were baptized last November. 

This is Johannes and his wife. His wife came to support him but not a member.

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