Monday, April 27, 2015

04/27/2015- TEMPLE TRIP

This week was very busy. We had a very nice family home evening. It was the first one since we started doing family home evenings with willing families. Leading up to Friday we were teaching like crazy. The recent converts are doing great. I'm very happy for all of them and they are happy too.

On Thursday my companion and I made a spanish rice aroni my mother had sent me a long time ago and had a trunky moment haha.

Elder Hepworth top left in the back
On Friday we went to the temple and it was awesome. My mom has the hook ups because the one giving me clothes said let me shake your hand I chat with your mom all the time. I also saw the senior couples who go to our branch every Sunday. After the session we went over to the area office to visit some people my companion knows. I met a couple from Burley, Idaho but I forgot there name. Then Elder Cook the area president came out and I talked to him. It was quite a day of meeting people.

On Saturday and Sunday we had general conference. It was the first time I focused and took notes for all the talks. I was exhausted afterwards. 10 hours is a long time haha. I know conference is old news back home but it was amazing. So many of the talks felt like they were directed to me. The number of missionaries is going down which wasn't a shock because the boom is over. We have so many missionaries going home soon. This mission is going to shrink. I think the main focus of the conference was on families and marriage. Pretty important stuff. I better get on that as soon as I get home haha. I liked the talk that said an RM is not a retired mormon. It just reminded me how bad I don't want to go back to who I used to be. The talk about Nelson Mandela was awesome as well. It hit home I guess you could say. My temporary home. Remember not to be latter-day quiters, latter-day sinners, or latter-day hypocrites. We are just sinners who keep on trying according to Nelson Mandela. Thank you for all the prayers and support. You all are in my prayers have a good week.

Elder Hepworth

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