Monday, May 4, 2015

05/04/2015- REACHED 14 MONTH MARK

Hello everyone,

Another week down. Today I have reached 14 months. Time is flying by so fast. This week was good. It was the first calm week we have had for awhile. This week I finished the new testament. It has been a goal of mine for awhile and I finally finished. Now to start Doctrine and Covenants. We had exchanges on Friday and I had the Islander with me in my area. He is an awesome guy. He was born in 1996 which made me feel old ha. This week we were really tired and didn't have anything to do so we went to the chapel to take a break. Then some random guy walks in and is looking for a priest to pray for him. So we prayed with him and gave him a restoration pamphlet to read. We are having so much success in this area. There will be two more baptisms on Sunday. They are young men named Rodney and Isaiah. They are powerful. On Saturday we set up sports and invited tons of people to come. Nobody showed up and nobody showed up to clean the chapel so we cleaned it for them. It was a little disappointing. So on Sunday I got up and bore my testimony on being a doer of the work and not hearer only ha. Happy Mother's day next Sunday. All the missionary moms are stoked. Especially my mom. Well have a good week. Don't forget to use the tools we have in the church to make us stronger.

Elder Hepworth

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