Monday, May 25, 2015

05/25/2015- Siyabonga means thank you in Zulu.

This is a place by our flat. Siyabonga means thank you in Zulu. We thought the sign worked great for missionary work too.

This week was very good. We had a lot of success. At the end of the week we had taught 33 lessons which is a lot. I think it is or pretty close to the most lessons I have taught in a week. It wasn't like we were just trying to pump out lessons too. We had quality lessons and saw all the people that we really needed to. On Monday we had family home evening. It was really fun because she is the primary president so we played a lot of fun games. As we were leaving they told us to sit down because they made dinner. It was Mokgodu and Dumbolo. I'm not so sure if I spelled it right and you probably will not be able to pronounce it until I get back. Dumbolo is a very nice bread that they make. I love it a lot. Mokgodu on the other hand is not nice. It is the intestines of cow. Most of the time it smells like poo but she cleaned it very well and made it like a stew. It wasn't nice but we got it down. The worst part was we got burps that night and they tasted so gross haha. Oh the things we eat here. On Sunday we had 6 confirmations in sacrament meeting which took up like half of the time ha. 3 of them were ours and 3 were the other guys. The success we are having is so nice but what makes me happier is how powerful they are. On Sunday we picked up Nhlanhla our recent convert who has been baptized for a month. We didn't see him at church and we asked what happened. He said he did go to church but went in a neighboring ward to just visit and see how it is there. We believed him because he talked about the things he had learned and it was the exact stuff we learned about. He said he commented and everyone starred at him and he thought he said something wrong but they were just amazed at how spiritual he is. Later we were teaching an investigator who came to church and said she loved it and can't wait to become a member. We really need to put her on date but we haven't been seeing her for very long ha. The lord is sending us awesome prepared people. Anyways as we were there she talked a lot and she has been through a lot. She asked Nhlanhla to pray before we left and his prayer was sincere and for her. As he was praying I was like wow and then after we saw she was crying. It is a rare occasion to make an investigator cry. He is going to be a great missionary and do great things. This week I set goals to meet this transfer. Goal setting is very important. If we don't set goals and learn how to reach them. Then we will get old and realize we only reached a part of our potential. Heavenly Father stretches us and forms us into what he wants us to be. If you feel comfortable you might not be doing enough. At least that is what I have learned. Have a good week everyone. You are in my prayers. 
Elder Hepworth

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