Monday, June 1, 2015

06/01/2015- NANA BAPTIZED- AGE 10

Nana- Age 10 Baptized

Hey everyone,

I just want to start off by wishing a Happy Birthday to my brother, cousin, and father on the the 3rd, 4th, and 5th this week. Everyone is getting so old including me. This week has gone by fast but wasn't easy. Some weeks it feels like we went through the furnace of affliction but obviously not that bad. We had half as many lessons this week as last but still it was good. On Tuesday we went to the Doctor as a district because our District leader who is from Ghana needed medical attention and we are the drivers. It was kind of a relax morning but a lot of driving. Then mission life requires you to go straight to the area when you get back so it was extremely exhausting. Especially because not many things worked out like it was planned to this week. What made the week worth it was the baptism. We baptized a 10 year old girl who we call Nana. That is more of her nickname though. She is the daughter of a member and very smart. She was so excited and our Branch mission leader baptized her as well. She bore a amazing testimony. She thanked the Branch President for letting them go to the temple yesterday and can't wait to get older and go inside. I love all the success but seeing that they are all powerful is just mind blowing. On top of the baptism I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Of course it was on missionary work ha. No matter how many times I stand in front of people I get nervous. I would have to say I was the least nervous this time. I don't know how much time I was given but I spoke for around 15 minutes. It was funny because I wasn't trying to make it long. When I was younger it was like how can I talk more and now it is like how can I talk less haha. It is great to hear that summer is now there. Winter is on it's way. We are all getting sick which is not exactly what we want. This week we taught how to be a (PRO)fessional at the gospel. By (p)rayer, (r)eading, and (o)bedience we can all be a pro at the gospel. I hope everyone has a great week. Thank you for all the support. You are in my prayers. 
Elder Hepworth

Nana, her family and Elders Hollingsworth and Hepworth

Nana and her family


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