Monday, June 8, 2015



 Sawbona (hello),

It is offically been 15 months and I am shocked everytime a month goes by. I am now down to 9 months left. Seeing those single digits is crazy because I remember when I had only been out here for 9 months.
This week was very good with a lot of success just like usual. On Wednesday we had zone conference. Zone conference is when we meet together and get taught by the assistants, President Dunn, and his wife. Just some take aways from that include if we can't live the celestial law then we can't live the celestial glory. Plus success is what becomes of a missionary after he gets home. I think about that a lot. I really want to be a changed person when I get home and stay changed. The assistants which includes Elder Worton the one I graduated and went to school with taught about tesifying. It was great for me because it was what I was slacking on. I have been trying to testify as much as possible and I have felt the spirit more. A testimony is what you know and never a wrong answer. I think we should be a lot less afraid to share it because people need it. We meet with a lot of recent converts each week and we have a lot. I have really come to love these people. Especially the Dwenga family. As we went to teach them we talked about our purpose in life. I asked them  what was their purpose and they bore powerful testimonies. It even shows in their young daughter when they pray, read scriptures, and sing hymns each night. They said she lead the music out of no where and it was really funny. Just one of those funny things kids do but a witness that they are watching and following the parents examples.
Saturday we did service for sister Qwaka. Don't try to say that name because it has a click in it ha. With the load shedding that has been happening a candle attacked her house and burned some of it. Houses are made of bricks so it didn't burn down. We helped repaint the ceiling for here. It was fun and always feels good to help others.
On Sunday we had an American family from Farmington, Utah attend church. They were going to Zimbabwe to do a service project and stopped in South Africa on there way. They were connected to the senior couples/temple couples somehow and visited our church. It was a father and mother and the typical Mormon Utah family with 7 girls. Yup 7... It was super weird seeing white American girls haha they seemed like a great family. In testimony meeting a lot of our recent converts bore testimony thanking us and bore strong testimonies. The spirit witnessed to me that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I love mission. I love this church and the gospel. I know that it is true without a doubt. I hope everyone has a good week. You are in my prayers. May God bless you always. 
Elder Hepworth

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