Monday, June 29, 2015


My last email for the month of June. Well I have been transferred to another township called Khutsong. It is a great place and the missionary work is booming. There should be some baptisms very soon. There are a ton of return missionaries here and men and women preparing to go on mission. It was a little intimidating when I bore my testimony of Sunday to introduce myself ha. I met a sister who got back from the Zambia mission a month ago. I felt like asking her if she knew Elder Barrett. She did and served with him and I thought is was a crazy coincidence. The food that they give us here is great. It is so good and we get fed a lot. I will have to keep up with my exercising so I don't get fat. This area is very big and it is gong to take me awhile to learn everyone and everything. We have a full time car which is nice but I'm driving all the time because my companion doesn't drive. I'm with Elder Adjin who is from Ghana. He is a little younger than me on mission and he is the district leader. We made a cool discovery this week. We have the same first name- Derick. I thought it was pretty crazy ha. We actually stay in a house all to ourselves. It is the first time I haven't lived on the second story in a flat (apartment) complex. It is a nice place too. I don't have any pictures from here yet. I'm still sending ones from my last area. I do miss my last area and companion though. Change is always a weird thing. What I have noticed is no matter how hard it is to make a change it is possible with God. No matter how nervous or scared you may be. We also found out yesterday that our mission boundaries are changing. Some 3 zones and 45 missionaries are now changed into the Botswana/Namibia mission. Included in those areas is one of my last areas in Limpopo. So I have no hope of going back there. We will miss those Elders and our mission shrunk greatly but all is well. I am so grateful to stay in this mission. A few days ago President could have sent me to one of those zones. This mission has felt right from the beginning. I hope everyone is enjoying there summer. Have a good week.

Elder Hepworth

PICTURES FROM PREVIOUS AREA- TSAKANE AREA- Everyone is going to miss Elder Hepworth



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