Monday, June 22, 2015



Well my time is up in Tsakane. It has been a great stay. I can't believe I have been here for 6 months. The time has flown like crazy. I have had so many experiences here and this is definitely my favorite place. This week being my last was good. We found 3 new investigators and there will be a baptism on Sunday. The people are so great here. The Lord is preparing them and Tsakane has great things is store. I knew it was my last week so I prepared people. We had our 3 recent convert young men come with us each day and they loved it. I had many people tearing up or crying. I took so many pictures with people yesterday that I don't even know what pictures to send. I won't forget this place. On mission I've had to act like it doesn't hurt and let God make me stronger. So much of life depends on that and then everything will turn out okay.This week we had the scariest lesson. I won't disclose her name. When we first met her she was awesome. She mentioned that he had a chronic illness which turned out to be bipolar. Then as time went on her grandma passed away. We kept stopping by after losing contact but never found her. When we finally found her she had just got back from the hospital. She had been sedated for 2 weeks for depression. We could see that she was suffering from serious depression but she was okay. Then this past week when we went the only way I can describe it is she was a zombie. Her eyes were so hollow and looked like nobody was there. He mom told us what had been happening. She said weird things and did weird things that I won't mention. I could see it was a huge trial for her and her mother. What I'm getting at though is that I'm so grateful for all that I have. I'm grateful for who I am and all the blessing I have in my life. So much of the time we look at ourselves and say we go through way worse than everyone else but I say look up and see everyone is going through something.  When I realized that is less than two weeks I will have been out here for 16 months I thought a lot about the future. So much of the future is written and you can't help to fear if you will make all the right decisions. There are such big decisions to make when I get home like school and marriage.  We must make the best of the future or before we know it we are old and looking back at so much potential lost. It is times like these where you put everything into God's hands. I hope everyone has a good week. You are in my prayers. 
Elder Hepworth

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