Monday, June 15, 2015

06/15/2015- Elders Hepworth and Hollingsworth with Thuli

This is a selfie with Thuli. She is a very outgoing YSA that is a good friend of ours. 

Now it is halfway through June. I hope everyone is having a good summer and that it isn't moving as fast for you as it is for me. Well it isn't summer here it is still very cold. Not as cold as back home but I'm South African now. We had another good week. Just another usual week. I might say that a lot but when you get older out here the usual is all it is ha. This week we met with an investigator named Micheal. He has been investigating for a year. He is powerful but he needed to get married first. This last week he finished his marriage and he will be baptized on the 28 of June. When we were there I was prompted to have a testimony meeting and it was powerful. His testimony proved to us that he is ready. I'm not sure if I will be seeing him baptized because it might be the week after I leave. I have been here for 6 months now and I believe it is my time. It is pretty sad to think about leaving this place and people. I will miss them greatly. This coming Sunday might be pretty emotional for everyone if my prediction is right. When I mention I think I will be leaving soon our branch mission leaders says people are going to cry when you leave. Our young men recent converts want to spend a lot of time with us because I said I think I'm leaving ha. It's cool with me. Yesterday I told one of our investigators and she started crying. All of this and the memories and good things we have done here makes me feel like I have done what my Heavenly Father sent me here to do. I'm very grateful for this area and my companion Elder Holloway. It has been mentioned many times how we act like brothers. He is my best friend and will definitely be a life long friend. Yesterday those young men who were recently baptized got the priesthood and we stayed to see it. They were really excited about it and we will get them administering the sacrament this Sunday. Yesterday we didn't have any lunch appointments and our flat is about 15 km from the area. We were nonetheless freaking out about it and complaining. When we decided to go home and were about to leave when we got a call from Branch President saying someone offered for us to come over. We kind of crashed a birthday party but we got fed and had fun. We also sang happy birthday in Zulu. One thing that is hard for me to understand is the Lord's timing. I'm constantly trying to be humble and patient. The Lord really will bless us with what we need we just have to have faith and hope. He does love you and I. Don't ever forget to look heavenward. Have a great week everyone. Enjoy the heat. My feet are cold.

Elder Hepworth

Elders Hepworth and Hollingsworth

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