Monday, May 18, 2015

05-18-2015- OLGA BAPTIZED

Olga baptized by the branch mission leader Mduduzi

Hello everyone,

Olga and Her Friends from Church 05-15-2015
Another week down. It is weird to think that time is also running back home. Hearing that my siblings are almost out of school for the second time and my brother will be 17 is crazy. I don't know if I have talked about this before but I want to mention load shedding. It is something that has been affecting us greatly over the past few months and seems like it will never end. Basically it's the power company turning off power in certain areas for two hours. We have gone to watch the Restoration DVD with people and it goes out. We have had candle lit lessons and it is really annoying. The power company is Eskom. It is the only power company in South Africa and runs everything and does what it wants. That is a clear example why there are no monopolies in the good old USA. Everyone in the district stayed this transfer but on transfer day some other guys took our car so we were stranded at the flat all day and it was super boring. This week we had another baptism. Her name is Olga Kola and it sounds like coca cola. She is awesome. We had two interviews for her this week. One by our district leader and one by the mission president. He said she is super ready for baptism. Mduduzi our branch mission leader baptized her. On Saturday we had kind of a Mormon Helping Hands haha. We were at the chapel and the grounds are huge and there are tons of weeds. So the men wacked and burned weeds while the women cleaned the chapel. Burning everything is just how they do it in South Africa. We took Nhlanhla the recent convert with us to teach. He loved it and said he has liked how he felt all day. He also realized mission isn't easy though. There is a big garden at the chapel with chillis in it. We had a chilli each and they were so hot we were crying. I hope everyone had a good week. As the summer approached have fun. I will be bundling up here. Lastly I would just like to talk about the atonement. I taught the atonement in gospel principles yesterday and it went great. We all know what the atonement is but I want to talk about why and what we need to do. The reason we have the atonement is because there are two things separating us from God...spiritual and physical death. The atonement built bridges over these gaps and it is free to get over physical death. Spiritual death we much pay by living the gospel. Jesus Christ is so important to us so prove it to him. 
Elder Hepworth

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