Monday, April 6, 2015

04-06-2015 - #becausehelives video

Hello everyone,
Beautiful South African Sunset!
This week went by fast. On Monday we are now doing a family home evening with members in the branch to help them get used to it and do the basics that brings conversion. Most of the families in the branch have challenges that we are trying to help them with. If they don't want it though then we can't help. On Tuesday it was transfers. There is a new guy in the district. He is from Micronesia and his  name is Elder Nonumwar. He is an Islander and pretty cool. He has only been on mission for 4 and 1/2 months. My companion and I are still together for another week and we are rocking it this transfer. We will be having many baptisms this transfer including 4 this coming Sunday. One of them is the mom of a recent convert family. One is a old man that found us and we have been teaching him with one of our members so he can understand everything. The other is a family who was a referral. This family is so awesome. I'm excited for the them. The father had an addiction to smoking and we helped him overcome it and he has been doing good for over a week. This week is the week of witnessing where we have been witnessing that Jesus Christ lives. We have been inviting people to go and watch a #becausehelives video. It is super powerful and if you haven't see it look it up. So I hope everyone enjoyed general conference. We won't be watching it until the 25 and 26 of April. So no spoilers please ha. On Friday we went to visit a member who had just painted her house. It was so strong in there that we were pretty much high when we left ha. Don't do drugs kids. One thing that I think is a worldwide problem is doing family home evenings and home and visiting teaching. I have really learned how these things are important out here because I see it from a side view make sure you make these things priority in your lives. I know that I will when I get home. If my family isn't when I get home they are in for a hiding..jk haha. Well everyone have a great week. Talk to you in 7.
Elder Hepworth
Elder Hepworth's Redneck Shower Job!
First Trip to Burger King
We three Kings of South Africa

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