Monday, July 27, 2015


If you aren't having fun on mission then you don't understand what a mission is. A mission is supposed to be enjoyable. Life and mission life isn't always fun though. It is what we make it. As mission rolls by I'm figuring out more and more what life is all about. It makes me excited for when I get home and use all the things I've learned. Last Monday after emails we went to a nice restaurant called "The Diner". It has an American feel to it. I had the Kg. of Ribs and it was so amazing. I was eating meat for almost an hour. What more can a man wish for?
This is when we ate a kg of ribs. Look at my arm. ;) jk haha

On Tuesday we had interviews with Mission President. The day before we all bought matching blue suspenders and wore blue ties to the interviews. His wife loved it as soon as she saw it and we took some legit pictures with them. It was a coincidence that they matched us as well.

The interviews went well and while the interviews were going on Sister Dunn had a workshop on table manners. I missed it because of my interview. I probably needed it because I've been in township using hands or a spoon for my whole mission ha. The rest of the week a lot of people were ditching us or cancelling. That is probably my least favorite thing because then you have to find something else to do and go to your backups. We are working hard though and everything is wonderful in the great township of Khutsong. On Friday Elder Taylor in our district had a cheat day from his diet and we ate so much sugary things at district meeting. It made me feel sick all day and I decided I don't want to participate next time ha. Saturday we found a lot of success because nobody canceled on us and the day rolled by quickly. On Sunday there was a guy from the Stake who talked about relationships. It was great because he helped me realize how important the relationships of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, our self, our families, and others really are. If I'm ever unhappy it is because one of these things is off and we need to try everyday to make them strong. After church we had an amazing lunch with many delicious things including potato salad and coleslaw. Which I miss from home. After that our day went downhill because there was loadshedding on one side of our area and the other didn't have water. So which ever side we went to they were stressed about something. All in all it was a good week and I can't complain as each day my time here shortens. Continue to enjoy life and it's many blessings and I will be back in a week.

Elder Hepworth

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