Monday, July 20, 2015


The district. I'm back with Elder Bergman on the left.

I don't understand why the weeks are going by so fast. Every time I blink I'm back in the e-mail shop. We have an excellent week. Tuesday started off kind of crazy. We have been teaching this SDA family and we taught the son. I could sense something was off. Then he just let out his feelings. Basically he rejected our truth we brought to him. We bore our testimonies then he gave back the Book of Mormon and that was the end. He wouldn't pray about it and wanted us to prove it to him so there was nothing we could do. All you have to do is read the book of Mormon and pray about it and you can know. Then the very next lesson we taught a recent convert who started crying. She wouldn't tell us the whole story but she is haunted by her past and the trials she faced. It is hard to see people go through hard things but that is where the atonement comes in. I know that Jesus Christ can heal us and Heavenly Father has a plan. Without trials, temptation, and all manner of afflictions we wouldn't learn and grow. We are teaching an investigator named Bongani. He is so sweet and loving the gospel. When he saw the baptisms he came up to us and said I'm next you need to visit me more. We taught him the word of wisdom and he drank coffee and tea but he said he will stop right then. I can't wait for his baptism in August. Saturday was Mandela day. On Mandela day everyone should do 67 minutes of service. We helped bring water to someone and helped an investigator clean her house. She was very thankful because her son and herself are having health problems. Yesterday was painful for me because I love food. Our lunch after church wasn't planned so we ended up fasting until 6 before someone could feed us and it is to far to go back to the house. I made it and it put a whole new meaning on enduring to the end. On our P-day we are spending it fixing the car because other missionaries here didn't take care of it. It is so important to be responsible. What I have been noticing lately is that the gap between what is popular and what is righteous is widening. Being popular isn't worth it anymore even though every teenager wants to be popular. Seek ye first the kingdom of God! I hope everyone is enjoying life. It is a beautiful time to  be alive. Live it up!

Elder Hepworth

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