Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Elders Willombe and Hepworth in Khutsong

Happy women's day! It is a public holiday here. I don't really know what they celebrate other than a day off but what would the world be without women. Last week the internet went out in the chapel so I couldn't email. I guess it will make this email more interesting though. I'll start with the week before last. On Monday we had zone meeting. We played dodgeball in the chapel for awhile and then went outside and played rugby. Rugby was way more fun. I've enjoyed rugby since I got here. After zone meeting we went as a district to eat a Kg of ribs again. We had really good lessons during the week but I didn't know it was my last week with Elder Adjin. When we visited with one of our recent converts she asked a question and suddenly I remembered a scripture and quoted it for her. It was definitely a testimony of the spirit because I haven't seen that scripture for almost a year. On Friday President did his calls for leadership. I was called to be a district leader and Elder Adjin was called to be a zone leader. That meant that he was leaving even though his time here was short. The people were surprised that he was leaving but it was his time. We spent the rest of the week saying goodbye to the members. On Monday we had to go to the office for meetings and then hurry back for a braii (BBQ) with some members. Tuesday was transfers. The mission is shrinking so much. 22 Elders went home. We took a mission photo and the whole mission fits in a pretty small chapel. My new companion is Elder Willombe. He is from Zambia. He is a really cool guy and is really good at drawing. This week was pretty good. I don't know if I was ready to lead the area yet but it has been good. The zone leaders came on Friday to interview two people for baptism. They passed and were baptized yesterday. There names are Martin and Aletta. They were both invited to church by their friends and it shows how important members are in missionary work. Both of their friends gave talks at the baptism which was awesome. I got to baptize Aletta. The work is moving forward. We are focusing now on finding people to teach. We have a few awesome people who will get baptized soon but have dealt with a lot of jokers. I'm grateful to be here in Khutsong. It is an awesome place. Winter is coming to an end here and I can't wait for it to be over ha. Have a great week everyone. Enjoy your summer!
Elder Hepworth

Martin and Elder Hepworth

Aletta and Elder Hepworth

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