Monday, August 17, 2015


Winter is finally starting to come to an end and I'm happy. We have cold days here and there but nothing to bad. I will probably freeze to death when I get home in March. This week has had it's challenges but overall we found a lot of success. Last Monday we went to get our car fixed but here in South Africa if a holiday is on Sunday they take the next day off too ha. So we didn't get that done and have to go this week as well. We ended up playing rugby which I wasn't prepared for because I was in proselyting clothes but I'm not a party pooper. On the way home we made a friendly bet over ice cream on who would have the better stats at the end of the week. That was the start of a lot of hard work this week. We have been doing a lot of finding. We found so many new people and have been asking for referrals like crazy so the area is going to boom in the next few weeks. I must admit that we won the bet but it's not about the bet because this week made me push out of the laziness I was feeling. One of the days this week was rough for both of the areas in this district so we came home at night and had dinner together. We have a lot of fun in this district. It is important to have fun as a missionary. On Friday we had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was a great experience because we don't get to go to often but more than a lot of missionaries. After the temple we went to a restaurant and had lunch and then went to a mall to grab some things. When we were in the mall we past an eyebrow place and Elder Taylor who is from Utah talked us into doing it. We thought they would like wax it or something but they used this floss like string and a weird technique to pluck it out. It hurt a lot and I will never do it again ha. I have said it before but I'm so grateful to be a guy. On Saturday as far as missionary work it wasn't to good but we witnessed an engagement. Our bishop invited us to a fireside they were having and since our appointments fell through we went. It turned out to be a big set up for a return missionary to propose. It was pretty cool but it made me think about getting married to much ha. At least we had a nice dinner after with everybody. On Sunday I gave a talk at church. I wasn't nervous until I heard there was a member of the area seventy there ha. It was on the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is definitely one of my favorite things to talk about so everything went well. The rest of our Sunday went well and the week ended. Days may go by slow sometimes but the weeks fly by. Mission is one of the greatest blessing in my life. I can't imagine if I hadn't served. Have a great week friends, family, and others. You are in my prayers.

Elder Hepworth

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