Monday, August 31, 2015


Lately I feel at a loss for words. The weeks are all blending together and I feel like I don't have much to share because I feel like I already shared it. I hear that my siblings are starting school tomorrow for the second time of me being away and I wish them the best. My brother is a senior now? This week I saw some pictures that made me reflect on the past. I don't know if any of you have done that before but it feels strange. I think of who I was and what I have done and all the things that have changed. I'm still changing and trying again and again. That is a gift from God. I thank God for giving his beloved son to perform the atonement. The atonement allows us to repent which is change. Without the atonement we would all be lost and more especially me. I've been grateful to see the atonement work in my life and also in the lives of those I am here to serve. Jesus Christ truly is our savior and redeemer and I think to often we easily forget that. This week we had zone conference. It was an all day thing. One of the things that I took away from it was the lesson taught by the assistants. They shared this challenge called the purification challenge. The mission will be doing it in the next transfer. It is a great opportunity to change even more. I know that we feel sometimes comfortable the way we are but God sent us here to progress. I also went on exchanges with the other two elders. I took the greeny to Khutsong. It was his first time in township. He really enjoyed it but he doesn't like the food so much. It made me thing of how much I've changed since those days as well. As we talked I asked him if there is anything I can work on. His answer was no and then he said I hope one day to be like you. I don't feel like one to look up to but it made me feel good. Yet I still feel like I have a long ways to go. The area of Khutsong is doing really good. We had many people at church on Sunday. We are always working hard because there is no satisfactory substitute. I know that I talked about change a lot today but sometimes change is the best thing you can go through. Have a wonderful week everyone. What can you change?

Elder Hepworth

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