Monday, November 2, 2015


It was a fun week for us. On Tuesday we went to transfers even though we weren't getting moved to see Elder Worton and Elder Holloway bare their final testimony and go home. I was super proud of Elder Holloway who has experienced many challenges on mission. Those 3 transfers with him were awesome and won't be forgotten. This week we got 4 people prepared for their baptisms on Sunday. It will be awesome because both of them are completing families who can now prepare to go to the temple. The only sad thing this week is that a lot of investigators are dropping us so we will have to do a lot of finding to see who is next for the waters of baptism. It is funny the way they get rid of us here. Since they are behind huge walls, gates, and complexes we had some who just block our number. They could have just said no though ha. We think some of them went to the internet and looked up the church and got their opinion from there. It makes us sad because they definitely won't find the right answer there. Like if you are sick you go to the doctor because every time you go to the internet you end up with cancer. It is the same way with the gospel. Holidays on mission is the towns here are super fun. Many people may thing that I had even forgotten it was Halloween this weekend but I didn't because we had two Halloween parties to go to with members. It was super fun. I think I forgot it was Halloween last year because I was in township and nothing was happening but not this year. I can't wait to see how Christmas goes ha. My companion and I dressed up as Super Elders.  Halloween here isn't as big as back home but it is evolving. Especially with members of the church.

Elder Hepworth






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