Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/2015 - MISSION SUMMIT

We had a family home evening with some members and they gave me jolly ranchers. It was cool because I haven't had them since home. They got them from some import store.  We got our car serviced this week and they kept the car the whole day until the next morning which was dumb because all they did was change the oil and oil filter so we didn't get anything done that day. We had a big mission event on Wednesday called the mission summit where the whole mission was there and we listened to some speakers and talks by the mission Presidency. One of them was a lady from South Africa who summitted mount Everest and I decided that I'm never doing that ha. She isn't a member but her message was awesome. She said that when your purpose is greater than your challenge there is no finish line you can't reach. Then we went on a hike. It was cool but not cool because it was so hot and I think half of the mission practically got heat stroke. Later we went to a members and held the ice water to our heads to cool us down. The rest of the week was pretty simple and normal until Sunday. It seemed like a lot of people who are necessary for the ward to work nicely on Sunday weren't there. So we gave the prayers in Sacrament meeting and almost had to help with the sacrament and there were many errors. The church is still true though. The four that were baptized last week got confirmed this week and I did one of them. I messed up the name pretty bad I think because it was an African name but God knows what I meant ha. It is definitely summer here and it feels like last years summer in Limpopo. Even members are saying it is way hotter than usual. It is so hot because we are going through a drought here in South Africa. There hasn't been much rain and we are praying for it. Everything is going great though as my time here slims down quickly.

Elder Ainslie and Elder Hepworth

Elder Ainslie and Elder Hepworth
BAPTISMS 11-15-2015



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