Monday, November 9, 2015

11/09/2015- FOUR BAPTISMS

This week we had four baptisms. It was awesome but very stressful I have to admit. The preparation was difficult like no other baptism before and then the water at the chapel quits. So we ended up having the baptism at a members home in his swimming pool ha. It was cool but I'm glad it's over and that they got baptized. Both of them were completing families and now they just need to get to the temple. I do have pictures but unfortunately they are on my companions camera so I will have to get them to you guys next week.  Another cool experience we had was when we were going to visit a member and unfortunately she wasn't there at that time. Then as we stood there a guy came up and said are you the Mormons. We answered yes and said are you? Turns out he is a member that moved here from Malawi a month ago and has been looking for the church. It is great to have experiences like that and see how God works. God is definitely in control. My week was good. This week I'm hoping to be a lot better. We need to find more people to share the gospel with and it isn't so easy in town. 

Elder Hepworth

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