Monday, December 8, 2014


So this week was interesting. On Wednesday and Thursday we couldn't go to the area because they were blocking the road for a strike to have water piped into their homes. They try to solve things with mob justice and it never works as we can tell with the post office strike we had that is now over. So my companion and I went to different areas with different missionaries. I spent the day with the only other two Americans in the district so that was pretty fun. The rest of the week we were husting all over trying to see everyone that we had missed. It gets difficult here in South Africa because everyone is on break and leaving to different places. We had one who was so awesome and was on date already but he left to Joburg and won't be back until Janurary. During church on Sunday I realized that it really is a perfect church run by imperfect people. There are always things that I see that aren't done right but I can't do anything about it. It is hard when I come from a place where the church is so strong ha. In our Sunday school class they were being very disrespectful and it was frustrating. I'm grateful to be on mission. It is awesome to be an eye wittnesse of the gospel frontier in South Africa. All the other missions that have ipads can keep them. Thank you for all the prayers and I love you all!
Elder Hepworth

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