Monday, December 22, 2014


Merry Christmas everyone! Well in a few days. I don't know if there is snow there because I had heard that it all melted awhile ago. I hope you guys enjoy a white Christmas though.  It is so hot here. Yesterday it was so hot and humid I was sweating bad and refused to say it was Christmas time. This week was pretty good. On Tuesday we went to another area and did a mega booth. It is where the whole district is there and we contact people. We have a bunch of supplies to hand out and a big picture of Jesus for people to see and draw attention. After the booth we helped a return missionary move and then after we moved his stuff he wanted us to get water for him. In some of the villages they have to go fetch their water. So I did it but I wasn't happy about it because I felt like he was using us and wasting our time. Then I remember the scripture Mosiah 2:17. It made me feel bad especially because this time of year we should be serving more than ever. The day we celebrate Jesus Christ birthday is this week and what a great opportunity it is to serve as his disciple during this time. I miss everyone but I'm so glad I'm here.  This week we had zone meeting and the thing that was talked about the most was unity. It was like it was prepared for me. I have an African companion right now from Malawi and we are completely different. I have only had American companions before too. We took the advice and we are getting along a lot better now. We must have unity to bring the spirit to the people. At church on Sunday we had sacrament meeting then after we watched the Christmas devotional. It was awesome and make me miss home because everything was decorated. After that we had the Christmas party and ate pizza and soda. It was pretty awesome. Missionary work is great. It is an experience that will make you stretch and grow so much. Heavenly Father molds us into who he needs us to me out there. I love you all. Have a blessed week.

Elder Hepworth

Eating Pizza At the Church
Mission Tour 2014


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